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Tim and Jodi are the founders and operators of Fortress Financial, a retirement, estate, tax planning, and insurance service firm. They are both natives of Idaho. Tim grew up on the farms in the Shelly and Lost River areas of Idaho, while Jodi grew up in the country north of Pocatello, Idaho. Tim and Jodi learned many important life lessons while growing up in rural America, such as how to put in an honest day’s work and how important the details are in every job.

They also learned that shortcuts seldom work out and doing the right thing always turns out the best for everyone around. Tim and Jodi’s successes their retirement, tax service, insurance, and estate planning businesses are largely due to these attributes. 

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Tim and Jodi have worked and dedicated the better part of over 30 years of combined effort in the financial services and insurance industries. Tim focuses on retirement and estate planning services while Jodi focuses on insurance and tax preparation services. Together, they have helped many individuals grow, protect, and shield assets from risk.

Tim has been a guest speaker for organizations such as Idaho State Universities New Knowledge Adventures program, local AARP chapters and more. 

Tim, Jodi, and the staff of Fortress Financial are always ready to serve your retirement, tax and estate planning needs.

Tim and Jodi have two sons, Robert and Stetson, and a daughter, Sierra.

Certified Tax Specialist (CTS)

Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES)

Certified Income Specialist (CIS)

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